Weekends Away

Earned a break or just need a change of scenery to relax and maybe try something a little different? We’ve got you sorted with this selection of great weekend away activities.

Moon River cruise
A Moon River cruise on the Shannon (DJ & Bar on board). Get a taste of adventure right here on…
Flower Crowning
Make Flower Crowns with all the trimmings in a 90-minute private workshop.  Release your inner romantic at the perfect boho…
Game Show
In this fast-paced activity, Hens will play both the part of contestants and audience in each of the highly-entertaining Game…
Knock your Block off
The Knock your Block ,This is where players put on a light armour suit with a velcro head on top. Players…
Water Sports Experience
Let us take you exploring along the Shannon River with our premium Kayaking experience. Perfect for friends, couples and colleagues…
Ann Summers
For some cheeky fun choose our Ann Summers Party Package – this option comes complete with your own Ann Summers…